August 22, 2008

Yellowstone Camping Trip

We went camping in Yellowstone last weekend with my sister-in-law and her family. It was so much fun. We camped right off of Yellowstone lake, which was beautiful. It did however, get kind of chilly at night like in the 30's so Ryker and I had to share a sleeping bag. He did pretty good for sleeping on the ground and having to cuddle right next to mommy. We also went to the Playmill Theater in West Yellowstone and saw Hello Dolly! and Ryker loved it, he was singing along and clapping during most of the show until he fell asleep. Anyhow, here our some of the pictures we took (we took almost 200 pictures)!

This waterfall is down in a canyon, right by yellowstone's grand canyon. We had to hike down to see the waterfall, there were 328 steps down the falls! I was exhausted after the climb.
We went to see Old Faithful, which isn't so faithful anymore. The geyser used to go off every hour on the hour but its starting to vary a little. Its still pretty neat.

This is Yellowstone lake right by where we camped out.
Before we went to the Playmill, we walked around West Yellowstone.
Ryker and Daddy at Yellowstone lake, we skipped some rocks and my nephew went for a swim. You can see him in the background in the water, he just ran right into the water, he also wanted Uncle Ryan to cover him in sand!
Ryker crawled around in the sand by the lake, he had so much fun putting his hands in the dirt.
We also discovered that Ryker loved to be thrown around. He was laughing so hard in this picture, you probably can't tell though! All in all we had an awesome trip! We hope that Jen and Steve will come out to Yellowstone next year so we can see some more of Yellowstone!

August 1, 2008

Ryker is on the Move

Ryker has started crawling! I didn't think he would ever crawl since he's always hated being on his tummy. But after working on it, he's finally taken off. Here are some pictures of his first crawls.

Since Ryker can get almost anywhere he wants to in the house, I had Ryan install some child safety locks on the cupboards. But, I didn't want to lock him out of everything! He had lots of fun banging on the pans and screaming away. Ryker can also say "mamma" and "dada" but its just noises, close enough right. He loves playing peek-a-boo and he's really ticklish. He's just so much fun to have and he's growing too fast for me!