December 9, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Christmas is almost here! This Christmas season has been tons of fun with Ryker. He discovered snow and must step in as much as possible. He loves the Christmas tree and has a hard time not decorating it with his own toys. I'm so excited for Christmas, mainly because Ryker is going to LOVE what we got him. He's such a big boy now. He's been potty trained now for 2 months, one day he decided that he wanted to go in the toilet and hasn't looked back.

Hezeki is now 4 months old and he is so much bigger than Ryker was at the same age. Hezeki is starting into 9 month clothes, soon enough he'll catch up to Ryker. Hezeki is reaching milestones, he rolls from his back to tummy,smiles, reaches and holds things, sits up with little assistance, and almost sleeps through the night. The boys now share a room, Ryker thinks its pretty cool. When Ryker wakes up he'll climb into Hezeki's bed and cuddle him. Its pretty sweet to hear them in the morning talking and laughing.