September 11, 2008


I can't believe its fall already! Time has gone by so fast. Ryker is pushing 9 months already.
So Ryker has grown up so much these past few months! He's got crawling down and gets quickly to one place to anther in no time at all. He's also standing up on anything and everything he can...even in the bath tub when he's all slippery. I love watching him eat finger foods, it is the cutest thing ever! Especially when he gets cheerios stuck on his chin. So cute!
Ryker loves loves loves these little bath-time duckies, its his most favorite toy, when he wants to travel to one place to the next he shoves the duck in his mouth and goes. It's pretty funny to watch.
This week we went to the park, it was a little cold but Ryker got to wear his super cute winter coat. He liked sitting on the slide but going down he was a little concerned.
Swinging, I thought he would like but he didn't really warm up to it.
This week been pretty crazy, I started my internship last week and this week my final semester has begun. I'm doing my internship at Children Supportive Services in Idaho Falls, its a partial care and PSR center for children with mental illnesses. It's going pretty good, but this week the kids have been out of control! I'm hoping after a little while the kids will start taking me more seriously, I'm too nice. Anyhow, I'm excited that this is my last semester and can't wait for it to be over with.