June 28, 2008

Ryker's Happy Half Birthday!

So today my little guy is 6 months old! I can hardly believe it! He is such a good baby that time has just flown by! Ryker now weighs 17.1 pounds and is 27.8 in. long. He is sitting up on his own for awhile now and still loves to play with Chancho. He is threatening to crawl, but I think I still have some time before I have to chase him everywhere. Ryker loves to eat rice and barley cereal but is having a hard time with carrots right now. He just spits it out all over himself.....but its still pretty fun to watch him even if he's making a mess.
Ryker has discovered his feet, it's my new favorite thing! He tries to suck on them but usually ends up rolling all the way over.
Ryker got his 6 month shots on yesterday and he was so good. He cried for maybe 3 or 4 minutes and was great the rest of the day. I'm glad he doesn't need anymore shots until December, I still hate having to watch him be stuck with a needle.

June 24, 2008

Ryker's first Hair cut

Ryker's crazy hair has been flying all over the place, so we decided that it was time to give him a hair cut. We thought it would be pretty easy, but we didn't factor in that Ryker may not like the clippers and well he cried the entire time. So the end result is not what I had in mind and I immediately regretted it. He looks totally different to me now, but he's still pretty cute and his hair will eventaully grow back!

June 23, 2008

All Dressed Up

I promised Mom that I would post some pictures of Ryker in his church clothes. I think he is actually getting too big for this outfit but he is still really handsome. Ryker's hair is crazy, one half of his hair is long and wild.
Ryan got released from the Bishopric yesterday and we got a new Bishop. I think Ryan really enjoyed his calling and will miss working so closely with Bishop Hall.

So Ryker got this really cute hat for winter, but it was too big for him until now. I'm afraid that he will be too big for it come next winter so why not wear it a little now? He is so adorable in it!
The classic nose picking picture! I thought it looked pretty funny! Anyhow, we are doing really good now that the weather has been nicer.

June 11, 2008


It actually snowed today! All morning in fact. In June! We haven't experienced summer weather yet this year. In the forecast, its suppose to get into the 80s next week...I'll believe it when I see it. Hopefully our garden will still bloom.
Anyhow, I thought that the weather was pretty crazy today, we haven't done much outdoors yet this summer. Ryan is a rock climber and so last summer he started teaching me how to climb, it pretty fun. I did realized that I have a slight fear of heights, last time I freaked out a little. Here are some pictures from last summer. It looks really cool, like I climbed super high but I'm probably only 15 feet from the ground.
I think I did good for my first time.
This is the picture where Ryan is trying to talk me into letting go and falling onto the rope...scary!
I just can't wait for summer to arrive!

June 6, 2008

I applied for Graduation!

So, I applied for graduation today. I will be officially done with my college education on December 14, 2008. I just have to do an internship of 250 hours this fall. Ryan is going to take the fall off. He's going to work and watch Ryker while I'm at my internship (we didn't want to put Ryker in daycare). I wanted to walk with Ryan, so I won't get my diploma until April 2009. I am so excited to be done with school, I've decided that I just want to be a mommy. I miss Ryker so much while I'm in classes and that's only for 3 hour every other day!

The past couple of weeks I've had some serious lower back pain, so I went to the chiropractor. He took some x-rays and found that my pelvis was all twisted and my neck was all out of place. My back was so twisted that my left leg was significantly shorter and my lumbar spine was not lining up correctly. Sounds serious huh? Well he cracked me back in place and I'm pain free...well for now. I hate the feeling of being cracked into place, its horrible! The sound and the anticipation kills me. I really hope that I don't have to frequent the chiropractor in the future.

Ryker is sitting up now all by himself! I think the real reason he's sitting up is so he can get a better look at Chancho. He laughs so much when Chancho brushes past him, its so hilarious.