July 20, 2008

Schools out for Summer!

Summer semester is finally over! We have a 7 week break till Fall semester. Tyler will be here this coming Fall semester. I'm excited to have Ty-guy around a little, some of my family nearby will be nice for a change. This Fall I am finishing up my classes and internship. I got an internship in Idaho Falls at Children Supportive Services, it's a partial care and it's one of two internships where you get paid. I have kind of already started, I have to do 15 hours of training before I can even start. But I think it will be a good experience.
Our garden is looking pretty good. Just about everything grew, our oinions didn't grow at all and only about half of our peas grew, but everything else is looking healthy. I'm excited about our melon! Melon is the best in the summertime.
Ryker Update: Ryker has a tooth! It hasn't been the most fun with him waking up a couple times each night but it has finally poked through! He is still attemping to crawl, he can get on all fours and rock back and forth and crawl backwards.
Ryker is getting more interested in books now, he reaches out when we read together and he likes to chew on them...well he likes to chew on everything.

July 8, 2008

Elknoc Reunion

For the 4th of July we went to Ohio to visit the family. It was pretty exciting to see everyone and for everyone to meet little Ryker. We had a great time, despite the rain!
We went to the zoo in the pouring rain, but there were still lots of animals to see without getting soaked!
We saw the tigers or the Cheetah's, as Alice likes to call them!
Here are all the grand-kids together! They are such cute little kids, I hope we can see them more often!
Ryker's first 4th of July! He really liked the glow stick Grandma Conkle got him and surprisingly he liked the fireworks, okay he only like them for 5 minutes. The he cried the rest of the time, I think he was sleepy though.

We took Ryker swimming, but he didn't like it so much. He lasted maybe 2 minutes and wanted out! The water was a little cold.
Grandma Conkle was super happy to spend time with Ryker and all of the grand-kids.

It was really nice to spend time with my sisters. I'm sad though we didn't get a picture with Erin too. Its cool now that we are older and don't get on each others nerves anymore, now we can be friends.

So almost the entire weekend everyone was playing Corn Hole. It's a fun game, if you've never heard of it, like me, it's pretty similar to horse shoes. Ryan got pretty good at it and I think he kicked some trash!

After all the fun we had in Ohio and the long trip back home, Ryker was pretty exhausted. He slept almost the entire flight and drive home. He was a really good traveler, so hopefully he will do this good next time we go to Ohio!