January 28, 2009

New Bathroom Tiles

On Monday night it was extremely cold and our pipes froze, which could have been avoided if we would have dripped the faucet. Anyhow, a pipe burst and it flooded the kitchen in our downstairs apartment! Luckily, we got the water turned off before thousands of dollars of damaged occurred. So the plumber and the cleaning & restoration guys came and did their business, while taking out some of the wall in the basement and some of our tile in the bathroom upstairs. Our house looks a mess and there's a huge whole in our bathroom, which prohibits taking a shower. But I must say we are pretty blessed to have been at home at the time. And here's the best part of the deal, because the leak was in between the floor and the ceiling the plumbers had to take out some tile. Since our style of tile would be hard to match our home owner's insurance is going to pay for our shower to be re-tiled! I am super excited, I've always hated the way it was tiled and now it will look real nice. It's just too bad that we will be moving in a few months.

I'm sure it looks much worse for our tenants downstairs, at least we only have to suffer for a few days!

A quick Ryker update:
Ryker has taken to pulling out drawers lately, his favorite thing to do is to sit in the vanity drawer in the bathroom and play. It's pretty cute!

Ryker has almost mastered the art of feeding himself with a spoon! He does a pretty good job as long as it is applesauce. On a side note, Ryker LOVES his spoons, it's almost impossible to pry a spoon out of his hands!

Ryker got a late Happy Birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa Conkle, he looks really handsome! He's learned some new tricks too, Ryker thinks it's hilarious when someone sneezes, so he will fake sneeze all the time and just cracks up at himself! He's a really good kid, but he is in a temper tantrum stage he'll do it over just about anything that doesn't go his way! I can't wait for that stage to be over with or at least limited to one per day! All in all we are doing really good, I just can't wait until winter is over!

January 24, 2009

Sweet Stroller Giveaway!

So I happened upon this really awesome double stroller giveaway and had to share, so check it out!! Go here to enter to win it, http://inevergrewup.net/giveaway-25-bumbleride-indie-stroller/.