April 5, 2010

Boy Oh Boy

First of all, we found out we're having a boy! He's healthy and right on track for an August birthday. I was super excited for a boy, a playmate for Ryker. We have everything we need for a boy already so now I can get some fun baby stuff! Choosing a name is the hard part, we didn't have any other boy names we liked other than Ryker. Any ideas?

Ryan and I decided to move back to our house in Rexburg in May. Since our drama with our tenants and the way the house looked last week, there was no way it would sell the way it is now. We can't move on until we are able to sell the duplex and we want to get a good price out of it. We'll work on the curb appeal and small damages caused by our previous tenants. So after much thought we are going back. I have mixed feelings about moving to Rexburg, it will be so strange to live in Rexburg and not be a student. Hopefully we can sell the house in a couple years and move on with our original plan.